Smile-- Happy Looks Good on You

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Does LipSense Really Work?

This video shows just how AMAZING LipSense really is!!!
Click the 'how to order' button to try LipSense for yourself.

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LipSense is only one of the many products from SeneGence. Don't let your eyes be jealous of your lips. Use ShadowSense for that same all day wear.


COOL Undertone Colors

If you have a cool undertone these colors would look fabulous on you :)
Click the "How to Order" button at the top if you are interested in ordering--

F = Frost
M = Matte
S = Shimmer

WARM Undertone Colors

All of these colors would look fabulous on you if you have a warm undertone :)
Click the "How to Order" button if you interested in ordering--

*F = Frost
*M = Matte
*S = Shimmer

How to Find Your Undertone

Have you ever noticed that a lipstick looks good on the ad, but not so much on you???
It all plays into what undertones you have--

Your Smile Can Change the World

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Wear Red Lipstick

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Did You Know???


This is me :)
I am wearing 1 layer of Roseberry LipSense topped with Glossy Gloss.

Smile! You are BEAUTIFUL!

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LipSense Video

This video shows just how AMAZING LipSense truly is!

Intensity of Colors

You can apply layers to intensify the colors :)


I have totally fallen in love with LipSense!

I never used to wear lipstick--because WHY???? The first time I took a drink of water, or ate something, or kisses my husband it would come off-- So why bother?

Well now I can do all of those things and LipSense stays on the whole day long :)

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